Touchmark Retirement Communities
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Senior Living Resource Documents


Touchmark has over 30 years of experience in retirement living. We have listened to our residents and we have learned from our residents. Below are some documents that will help you in the decision process.

Making the Move

Do you need some additional resources?

Touchmark believes in educating our prospective residents and their families. Below is a series of white papers we have developed that may be of assistance.

Elements of a Memory Care Program 

Touchmark’s Memory Care neighborhoods and programming include several distinctive features specifically designed to benefit people living with age-related dementia.Download the Full White Paper.


My parents need more support. What can I do? 

Communicating to one’s mom and dad that it is not safe to continue living in their current home is one of the hardest things an adult child faces. It does not matter whether the parent is living in the family home or in a retirement community. When parents need more care, it often falls to the children to help make the best decision, as many older adults are in denial that they need more care. Download the Full White Paper.


Social Isolation: "The older I get, the more isolated and lonely I feel."

Could this affect my health? The natural inclination of most people is to stay in their own homes for as long as they can. Traditionally, declining health has been the primary reason older adults move from their “family home” into a home that offers support with medical care and daily chores. Today, an increasing number of healthy, active adults are moving to retirement communities—but for a very different type of support: social support. And they are discovering it has profound and far-reaching benefits. Download the Full White Paper.


I have many fears and reservations about moving into a new environment.

Fear can prevent us from making bad choices. It also can just as easily prevent us from making good choices. Since fear thrives in darkness and lack of information, the cure for it is to shed some light on the subject. Research can help debunk the myths and dissolve the concerns of seniors who are considering moving from their family home into a retirement community. Download the Full White Paper.


What is the Value of Continuum of Care?

Retirement communities and nursing homes of the past have left many people with a negative image and refusal to ever consider this as an option. But senior living has changed dramatically within the last few decades, and is now designed to promote active living and offer a range of lifestyle options to allow older adults to age in place. There are many benefits to living in this type of community, including lifelong learning opportunities, healthy eating options, and a sense of community. Download the Full White Paper.